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Student Loan Answers Book


Make Sense of Your Caribbean Student Loan

Student Loan Answers is the ultimate resource to navigate the muddled college financing process for Caribbean students. Melisa Boutin, breaks down the student loan life cycle, shares real life examples of lender mishaps and how to avoid them, and offers proven strategies to slash the high interest costs of Caribbean student loans.


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As your financial education instructor, Melisa teaches you how to:

  • Navigate the loan financing process
  • Understand interest accrual and capitalization
  • Communicate effectively with your lender
  • Track and document critical loan transactions
  • Create a solid plan to pay off your loan fast
  • Dispute and resolve lender errors
  • Explore consolidation, refinancing and debt settlement

All the fundamental information you need to truly reap the financial returns on your investment in higher education.

The Student Loan Answers Book is available as a Paperback & Kindle e-book on


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