I had the honor of speaking to a wonderful group of recent women college graduates about personal finance at the I Am My Sister Mentoring even hosted by Guesthia
“Dynamic Black Girl” Jacques. The goal of the event was to provide a space where experienced professionals can share tips, mentor and network with recent college grads.

The event took place at the Amarachi Lounge in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday, July 9th, 2016. It was an afternoon filled with networking with, and mentorship from, a range of professional women mentors, who offered insights and encouragement on navigating work-life, graduate school and self-care.

For my presentation, I covered how to handle personal finances as a new college graduate. I shared how the first step to getting a handle on your finances, is to work on your mindset around money and increasing your personal finance knowledge. Determining where you stand, financially, was another key step I shared and covered how calculating your net worth can help in setting up a plan to increase your wealth over time. The need to start investing early in your career, budgeting, the need for a side hustle and key insurance coverage need to protect their and their extended families’ assets were also highlighted.

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During the Q&A portion of my presentation, there were questions about how to get started investing and whether relying on employer-sponsored life insurance was a good idea.

Student loans was another concern for the mentees, some of which already had them and were considering financing their graduate studies, too. Of course, whenever you consider financing your education, you must determine what the starting salary for the degree program you are considering, in your planning. Seeking fellowships or using employer education benefits are other options to finance graduate school.



Other organizations supporting this event included Girls Empowerment Circle, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to empowering young women of color in NYC through mentorship; Your Queens, an organization that teaches about the dynamic lineage of African Royalty through performances at birthday parties and other celebratory events, and Jess, The Whiskey Chick, provided the music vibes. There were also vendors onsite, with Face Time offering massages and Bo and Calla providing flower crown hair accessories.

The I Am My Sister event was jam packed with fun and informative activities, and I especially enjoyed all the personal finance questions and the follow-up conversations with the mentees and mentors alike.

Did you attend the I Am My Sister Event? Share your experience below!

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