While casually strolling in Lower Manhattan after Guest Co-Hosting with ladies on the Sip N Chat Radio show, Angei convinced me to sign up for two discounted boxes of Hello Fresh meal delivery service. She caught me at a good time because I had been thinking of going back to meal prepping, for some time, after my family had thrown away spoilt food one too many times as a result of getting more groceries than we could cook and eat fast enough. But the thought of slaving all day on Sundays to prepare meals for the week keeps me from starting.Melisa Sign up For Hello Fresh

Even, recently, when I tried to make an effort to meal prep and made at least 4 servings of qunioa one week, due to an out of short-notice out of town work engagement, it all went to waste when I rushed out of town and ended up dumping the spoilt food when I got back.

I was up for giving Hello Fresh a try, for the introductory reduced subscription price of $44 per week for three meals, on the Classic Plan, for the first two weeks. The weekly cost jumped to $69 per week after that.

Our typical weekly grocery budget was at least twice the full price, so I my family of three certainly couldn’t lose during the first two-week discount period. The Classic Plan, for 2 adults, included meals of meat, fish produce, and balanced grains.

Hello Fresh Weekly Order Process

Hello Fresh, automatically selects meals for you from their weekly menu, which is helpful if you don’t have time to pick them yourself. However, since I only eat fish and poultry, I had to make sure to pick my meals each Monday, prior to my Saturday delivery date to avoid getting a default selection that included beef. I also have the option to skip a delivery and the weekly charge.

Hello Fresh Weekly Meals for Two

The size of the meals are not Caribbean portion size at all. When you get two Hello Fresh meals, they are light servings for two adults, no more. The meal size is great for a light dinner during the week-nights or a small lunch during the day on the weekend. The meals we have been receiving usually take 30 minutes to prepare (except for one fancy recipe that was estimated to take 45 minutes and we ended up giving up on preparing the meal as prescribed and winging it instead). Definitely a sharp difference from typical Caribbean recipes that can take half a day hours to make.

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Hello Fresh Recipes

Maple Mustard Salmon - Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh

Our favorite dish to date: Mapel Mustard Salmon with Israeli CousCous

    • Ingredients: Salmon (Fish), Honey, Whole Grain Mustard, Asparagus, Shallot, Parsley, Israeli Couscous (Wheat), Vegetable Stock Concentrate
    • Cook Time: 30 Minutes
    • Difficulty Level: 1

A surprising bonus to this subscription service, is  being able to try different foods that we would never have known about, like Isreali couscous. The are also many vegetarian meals, including a variety of salads. We usually supplement the meals with fruit for desert or a smoothie if one of the meals is not particularly filling.

Current Takeaways

We have been using Hello Fresh for over a month and plan to keep the subscription for now. After the first month of using Hello Fresh, we:

  • Spent $200 less than the previous month on groceries;
  • Took less time on meal planning, for a least three meals per week; and
  • Reduced food waste.

Try Hello Fresh Yourself!

You can try Hello Fresh and get $40 of your first box by using this* Referral Link: 222525NEYLEL

How do you tame your grocery budget and minimize food waste, have you used a meal subscription service before or have you been thinking of trying one?

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