5 Steps To Free YourSelf Of Credit Card Debt

If you want to get serious about dumping your credit card debt, consider these steps.

1. Stop Adding To Your Debt

You can’t get out of credit card debt if you are adding to your balances every month.

2. Create A Budget For Your Spending

You’ll need a written plan for how you’ll spend your money, and get in the habit of checking your actual spending against it.

3. Build Up A Cash Cushion

Stack up cash for emergencies and costly inconveniences, so you won’t have to rely on new debt, for life’s surprises.

4. Increase Your Cash Flow

Keep track of how much money is coming in versus going out of your accounts and free up money in your budget to put towards the debt.

5. Create A Strategy To Pay Down The Debt

Making more than minimum payments, with no new debt, will speed up the process to get rid of your credit card debt.

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~ Melisa Boutin

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