Featured Melisa Boutin in Voices of New York Helping Caribbean Millennials Ease Debt Burdens

I had the opportunity to share my personal journey to pay off debt and help other Millennials achieve financial success with Melissa Noel that was recently published in Voices of NY: Helping Caribbean Millennials Ease Debt Burdens.

I shared how I changed schools while in undergrad to get off a path to $100,000 in student loan debt and why I started YourMoneyWorth.com, plus, tips for paying off debt.

1. Imagine Your Life Without Debt

What could you accomplish if you were not in debt?

2. Know what you owe

What is the total amount of debt you need to repay?

3. Stop Adding New Debt

Don’t add to credit card debt or make large purchases if you don’t need to.

4. Make A Specific Plan

Lower expenses, cut back and try to pay more than the minimum on your loans each month.

5. Use Technology

There are many apps available that ca help you keep track of your finances. Try a few. One example is Ready For Zero App*

6. Keep Going

Life happens. There will be setbacks, but don’t give up on your financial goals.

*Please note that Ready for Zero is no longer available.

You can read the entire article: HERE and share it too!

~Melisa Boutin

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