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Creating and securing all the passwords for my financial accounts is easy with LastPass. You can start managing logins you use online with my referral link!

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Chime – A Better Bank

My Favorite Bank

I use Chime for my every day spending  & automatic savings. I love how the app keeps tabs on everything I buy and  how much I save.  You can get your paycheck early, plus  $5 when you sign up!

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Free Resource - Your Retirement Start-Up Guide. Fund your retirement without a 401 k


Your Retirement Start-Up Guide

Fund your retirement without a 401k. This guide helps you start your retirement journey with a myRA retirement savings account! Just sign up to get access.

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Your Money Plan Worksheet


Your Money Plan Worksheets

Start here to get your a handle on your personal finances! Define your core values and life goals; track your spending; and set up a budget that works! Just sign up to get access.

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Pay for College

Student Loan Answers Book A 7 Step Guide to Understand Your Caribbean Student Loan Preview

Grab a copy of the 7 step guide to understanding Caribbean student loans book preview

Caribbean Student Loan Guide Book Preview

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Applications are due September 1, 2016 and current college students at U.S. Universities, who are from the Caribbean or are of Caribbean Descent are eligible to apply. Awards are from $250 to $1,500.

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Rihanna Scholarship Application Checklist Rihanna Scholarship Checklist

Use this free checklist as a guide to applying for Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation Global Scholarship Program for first-time college students planning to attend a U.S. college in fall 2016 and were born in Brazil, Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana or Jamaica.

The application is due June 10th, 2016!

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Financial Aid Checklist

Financial Aid Award Comparison Checklist

Decode your Financial Aid Award and compare Free Money vs Borrowed Money for multiple schools.Project your student loan debt and compare that projection to the expected first-year salary for your college major.

Are you an already a college student? Use this checklist to figure out how much student loan debt you are estimated to have for the current school year and after graduation.

Rule of thumb: The amount of student loans debt used to finance a college degree should be not more than the expect starting salary for your college major and degree level.

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