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Paying for College

Scholarship Alert: $54,000 Awards for U.S. Citizens, Green Card Holders, & Caribbean International Students from Lakehead University

$54,000 Entrance Scholarships for U.S. Citizens, Green Card Holders & Caribbean International Students from Lakehead University Canada

Lakehead University in Orillia, Ontario, is offers=ung $54,000 (CAD) in one-time and renewable Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships  to help International students from the United States and the Caribbean pay for college and focus on their education.

These scholarships are available to both entering freshman and current undergraduate students transferring from an international college or university.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a non-Canadian Citizen entering the university from high school or as a transfer student from an international college or university.
  • Apply for and obtain admission for undergradaute study at the university.

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Scholarship Application Deadlines

The deadlines to for these scholarship opportunities are:

  • February 3 (for Nursing majors)


Scholarship Application

Prospective students will be automatically considered for these Entrance Scholarship opportunities when applying for admission here: International Admissions Application

Good luck!

~ Melisa Boutin

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Scholarship Alert: Fully-Funded British Master’s Degree Program for Caribbean Students from Chevening

Fully Funded British Master's Degree Program Scholarship for Caribbean Students from CeheveningChevening, the United Kingdom’s Global Award Program, offers scholarships for one-year master’s degree programs to outstanding professionals and future leaders from the Caribbean.

Through the Chevening Scholarship Program, scholars will get the opportunity to focus on their coursework, develop academically and professionally, experience British culture and build lasting relationships.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country.
  • Return to your country of citizenship for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Have an undergraduate degree and meet the entry requirements of a post-graduate program.
  • Have at least 2 years work experience.
  • Apply and be accepted to 3 different eligible UK university courses by July 12.
  • Meet the Chevening English language requirement by July 12.

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Scholarship Application Deadline

The scholarship deadline is November 7.

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Scholarship Application

Applications can be submitted online via the scholarship page, here: Chevening Scholarships.

Good luck!

~ Melisa Boutin

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How I Shaved $6,000 Off My Caribbean Student Loan After Making $4,000 In Interest-Only Payments

How I shaved $6,000 off of my Caribbean Student Loan After Making 4,000 in Interest Only Payments

I never expected that my monthly payments on my Caribbean student loan would go to interest only. After all, I made sure to read my promissory note and started making my required minimum monthly payments, as scheduled, 6 months after graduation. That’s why I was completely shocked to find out that almost all of first-year of payments, totaling $4,000, only to interest.

In spite of that $4,000 setback, I was still able to pay off my Caribbean student loan two years early and shave off $6,000 in payments by using these 7 steps.

1. I Made Sense of My Caribbean Student Loan

When I started my first full-time job after graduate school, I decided to take the time understand how my student loan worked, instead of just making my minimum monthly payments, without giving much more thought to what was going on with my loan account. From that point forward I wanted to be more proactive.

I requested that my lender send my statements directly to me at the US address, and not to my parent’s house in St. Kitts and reviewed my student loan statements to determine exactly how much of a principal balance I had outstanding, the annual interest rate and how many payments were remaining.

2. I Paid Attention To The Accrued Interest

After learning that how loan interest accrues, is capitalized or negative amortized, can increase the cost of my debt and the length of time it takes to pay it off, I started to pay particular attention to the interest on my own Caribbean student loan. And I honestly wished I had done so sooner.

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I determined what the daily interest rate factor for my student loan was, double-checked that the amount of accrued interest on my account statement matched up to my own projections and confirmed that my payments were applied to both principal and interest.

3. I Communicated With My Lender Often

Caribbean student loan lenders have a peculiar practice of providing quarterly account statements to borrowers, even though transactions are recorded monthly. This, of course, leaves borrowers in the dark about their outstanding principal and accrued interest balances and how their payments are applied to their account.

Although I could not change how often I received my statements, I made a commitment to requesting updates on my account after each payment I made, to stay informed.

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As a borrower based in the United States, this involved spending hundreds of dollars on international calls and enduring a sometimes frustrating process or multiple follow-ups with bank staff to get my account information.  The upside though, was that I could keep on top of my student loan account, and position myself to limit confusion about my loan transactions.

4. I Tracked My Transactions & Loan Documents

Student loan lenders process a high volume of transactions, on numerous loan accounts, which means there is a good chance of at least one error on any given loan account.

This is why I created my own tracking worksheet to make note of each payment I made, including when the payment was submitted and processed, how much of the payment went towards principal and interest; and whether the principal balance decreased by the amount I had projected.

Requesting copies of past statements and completing a close review, also helped me identify errors on my account, like when I was charged late fees during an approved period of deferment.

Student Loan Answers Book

5. I Set Up My Own Pay-Off Plan

Like most student loan borrowers, there were two important questions that came to my mind when thinking about how to tackle my student loan:

  1. When will I be done paying off my student loan?; and
  2. How can I pay off my student loan faster?

My amortization schedule listed my required minimum payments over a 10-year period, with my last payment ending in the year 2017. In 2012, I opted out of that default repayment plan, and create one that would place me on track to pay off my Caribbean student loan, as soon as I could, by adding an extra $2 per month to start.

I then went on to create my own pay-off plan to increase the size of my extra payments, and to make extra payments as often as I could.

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6. I Disputed Errors on My Loan Account

When mysterious fees showed up on my student loan statement, I identified my Lenders chain of command, filed disputes with my own supporting documentation, escalated the issue when the fees weren’t reversed, followed up and requested and received credit for these unexplained charges.

7. I Refinanced Some Of My Debt To Save Interest

As I got closer to making my last student loan payment, I refinanced about $1,000 or so on a 0% credit card that reduced the amount of the cost of paying back my Caribbean student loan, a bit more.

If you have a Caribbean student loan you can slash the high-interest costs of your own loans, even after a four-figure back, using these 7 steps that I detail in my book Student Loan Answers.

~Melisa Boutin

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Scholarship Alert: $40,000 Award for College Bound U.S. Citizens & Permanent Residents from the Ron Brown Scholar Program

$40,000 Scholarship for College Bound High School Seniors in United StatesThe Ron Brown Scholar Fund offers multiple $40,000 scholarships to eligible college-bound high school seniors as part of its mission to encourage civic engagement, while promoting academic excellence and community among young African Americans of outstanding promise.

Recipients of the Ron Brown scholarship receive financial resources to attend the college of there choice, as well as service opportunities, leadership experience, and mentorship.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be Black or African American.
  • Excel academically.
  • Exhibit exceptional leadership potential.
  • Participate in community service.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • A U.S. Citizen or hold a permanent resident visa card.
  • Be a current high school senior at the time of your application.

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Scholarship Application Deadline

A completed paper application must be submitted in the mail and postmarked by:

  •  November 1 for the early consideration deadline; and
  • January 9 for the final application deadline.
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Scholarship Application

The scholarship application can be download on the scholarship program announcement page, here: The Ron Brown Scholarship.

Good luck!

~ Melisa Boutin

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Scholarship Alert: $10,000 Live Your Dream Scholarship Award for Women from Soroptimist

Soroptimist $10,00 Scholarship for Women

Soroptimist, a global women’s organization whose members volunteer to improve the lives of disadvantaged women and girls, is offering Live Your Dream Awards to eligible women.

The awards are designed to assist women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families, by giving them the financial resources they need offset any costs associated with their efforts to improve their education, skills and employment prospects.

In addition to providing the primary financial support for their families, eligible applicants must be enrolled in, or have been accepted to, a vocational/skills training program or an undergraduate degree program and must demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Provides the primary financial support for yourself and your dependents. Dependents can include children, spouse, partner, siblings and/or parents.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Be enrolled in or has been accepted to a vocational/skills training program or an undergraduate degree program.
  • Be motivated to achieve your education and career goals.
  • Reside in the United States of another one of the Soroptimist International of the Americas’ member countries/territories.
  • Not have been a previous recipient of a Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity or Live Your Dream Award.
  • Does not have a graduate degree.
  • Is not a Soroptimist member, an employee of Soroptimist International of the Americas or immediate family of either.
  • Has a Social Security number or Tax ID number (applicable to U.S. residents).

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Scholarship Application Deadline:

The application for this scholarship is due November 15.

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Scholarship Application

Applications can be submitted online via the scholarship page, here: Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards.

Good luck!

~ Melisa Boutin

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