Scholarship Alert: $235,000 Available for U.S. and Caribbean International Students York University (Canada)

Canada is the host of many Caribbean international students and I am excited to share this scholarship opportunity that is available for both American (U.S. residents are considered International Students for Canadian universities) and Caribbean International Students.

The $235,000 in awards is made up of three scholarship awards to attend York University:

  1. The International Circle of Scholars Scholarship ($15,000).
  2. Global Leader of Tomorrow Award ($20,000 x 4 year = $80,000); and
  3. International Entrance Scholarship($35,000 x 4 year = $140,000).
Scholarships for International Students at York University

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be an international student.
  • Be applying directly from high school, with no more than 2 years after graduation and have no previous university or college studies.
  • Be applying to an academic program that begins in Fall 2017 for specific departments: Arts, Media, Performance and Design, Environmental Studies, Education, Glendon, Lassonde School of Engineering, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Science, Schulich School of Business.
  • Possess high academic record (“A”average or equivalent), community service or excellence in the arts, sports or other areas of individual achievement.
  • Submit required documents to complete the York University application by February 15.
  • Complete the online International Student Scholarship Application Form by February 15.

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Where to Apply:

More information on these scholarship opportunities can be found on the York University Future Students webpage.

The scholarship application can be accessed here: International Student Scholarship Getting Started.

~ Melisa Boutin