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Featured – Talking Personal Finance for Caribbean Women on Secret Birds Podcast

Secret Birds Personal Finance for Caribbean Women Podcast Interview of Melisa Boutin

I was delighted to talk to Jo-Ann Hamilton about personal finance for Caribbean women on her Secret Birds Podcast.

I had the opportunity to share my personal journey of paying off debt, while supporting extended family, key steps Caribbean Millennial women should take with their finances, and the importance if increasing financial knowledge while navigating an increasingly financialized way of life.

Listen in to the interview and read more the podcast over at SecretBirdsHQ, HERE

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Featured – Secret Birds Caribbean: November Rare Bird

Featured – Tackling Student Loan Debt As A Caribbean Immigrant in the U.S.

Student Loan Hero Feature Melisa Boutin Immigrant Student Loan Story

I had the honor of sharing my student loan story with a platform whose content I personally enjoy reading, Student Loan Hero.

I shared how my immigrant status complicated the FAFSA process and limited my access to scholarships as an entering college freshman, how I then switched schools to get off the path to $100,000 in student loan debt, plus how I tackled my U.S. and Caribbean student loans after graduation.

Read more about my feature over at the Student Loan Hero, HERE

~Melisa Boutin

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Featured – Punch of the Week on L’Heure Du Punch Podcast

Featured - Punch of the Week on L'Heure du Punch Podcast

This week, the host of L’heure Du Punch Podcast featured me as the “Punch of Week!”

I appreciate the podcast host, Rose Napoleon, for the feature, which aims to highlight the positive images of the culture and challenges of the members throughout the African Diaspora.

Read more about my  “Punch of the Week” featured and the L’heure Du Punch Podcast over at

~Melisa Boutin

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Featured – How I’m Growing My Emergency Fund with Kasasa

Grow Emergency Fund with Kasasa Melisa Boutin FeatureOver on the Kasasa Blog, I am sharing how I am growing my emergency fund by moving my cash from my commercial bank to a regional New York/New Jersey credit union.

If you are not familiar with Kasasa, it is an organization that partners with credit unions, across the U.S., to offer account packages with rewards, ATM fee refunds, and much higher interest rates than commercial banks. Meaning more growth for on deposits and fewer fees, for members at these Kasasa Providers.

To learn about the wrong assumptions I made about credit unions, in the U.S. (I thought they were only available to government workers or veterans), how I eventually started doing banking at a credit union and my decision to move my emergency funds from my commercial bank, read the full post: HERE.

~Melisa Boutin

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