3 Ways Caribbean Millennials Can Invest In Yourself

As Millennials in the Caribbean and the American diaspora, we are more educated than our parents and grandparents, yet face very differenet financial challenges.

If you are one of those Millennials, trying to get a handle on your finances and your life, here are 3 key ways to invest in yourself that I shared in my article for Shuga N’ Spice Magazine,

3 Smart Ways Caribbean Millennials Can Invest

1. Create A Vision For Your Life

One that clearly defines what you value and the goals your need acieve in order to make that vision a reality.

2. Learn More About Money

Financial success is more than increasing and realizing your earning potential.

3. Use Technology To Earn Money

When your job prospects, work life or earnings from you career fall short use technology to
your advantage.

Read the entire article over at ShuganSpice.com.

~Melisa Boutin

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