How I Use These 3 Apps To Find Extra Money To Put Towards My Student LoansOne of the key strategies I used to accelerate my $37, 000 student loan payoff was to apply extra money towards the loans’ principal balances. It can be quite a  challenge to find extra money in your budget, on top of monthly minimum student loan payments at $200 to even $700  or more per month and it has definitely been for me. I personally still have almost $28,000 in Federal Student Loan debt that I am working to pay off within the next two years.

Here’s how I am using these 3 Apps to find extra money to put on my student loan debt.

1. Digit Will Automate Savings For You

I heard many rave reviews of Digit before signing up for it myself, and kinda feel late to the party. is an app that scans my bank account to analyze my spending habits and bank transactions and automatically transfers money to the app and sets aside funds that I would not usually save on my own. These savings will accumulate without any effort from me. So far I like the fact the I get an update on my bank account balance and notifications of how much has been saved for me by text message. I plan to use my Digit funds towards my student loan debt. You can check out the app and test it out yourself here: *(Digit is free to try for 100 days with a monthly fee there after).

2. Ebates Gives Cash Rewards For Shopping

I have used Ebates via their website for years, to save money while shopping online. When I first started using, I would have to remember to sign into the Ebates website and choose the online store I planned to purchase from, so that I could get cash back. Now, Ebates has a Chrome browser extension that takes that step out of the equation and automatically prompts you to activate cash back savings when you visit an eligible online store. They now even provide cash back for in-store purchase and a mobile app.
I usually assign my Ebates Cash Back Rewards to my fun money fund, but now I will be designating any cash back rewards to making extra payments on my student loan debt.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

3. Qoins Pays Your Debt For You, With Your Spare Change is a new app that helps you pay off your student loan debt. I recently signed up for this financial app and plan to test it out.
Here’s how it works.

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Connect your bank account that you use everyday purchases and the student loan that you want Qoins to send payments to.
  3. Make purchases as usual, while Qoins rounds up your transactions in your bank account.
  4. Qoins sends the rounded up change as a payment to your debt, on a date you chose, once per month, minus a $1.99 monthly fee.

If you are really struggling to find extra money in your debt it’s worth a try.

Do you use any financial apps to help you pay off debt? Let me know!

~Melisa Boutin.

* I only include affiliate links to tools that can help you pay off debt, save and invest.

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