Conquer Student Loans in 7 Steps

I had the opportunity to do a guest blog post on the Clever Girl Finance Blog on 7 ways you can conquer student loans. Facing 10’s of thousands of dollars of student loan debt can be not only daunting but stressful. I have experienced that daunting feeling myself when I totaled up my $68,000 in student loan debt after graduate school.

In the guest post I share 7 steps you can use to successful tackle your student loan debt, that I have used myself.

1. Get An Understanding of What You Signed Up For.
2. Make Sure Your Are Familiar With The Student Loan Cycle.

The Student Loan Cycle | - Pinterest

3. Research Loan Forgiveness Programs and Employee Benefit Programs.
4.  Organize And Keep Track of Your Student Loan Debt.
5. Prioritize Repayment of Your Student Loan Debt.
6. Make Your Own Repayment Plan.
7. Make the Decision To Actually Payoff Your Student Loans.

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You can read more of the original post on the Clever Girl Finance Blog, here.

Thanks for reading!

~ Melisa Boutin


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