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Student Loan Payoff Strategy Workbook

$15.00 $5.00

Understand your student loans, map out your strategy and pay off your them fast.


A 5 step workbook and guide that includes:

  • Desire mapping worksheet to foster your commitment to get rid of debt.
  • Student loan terms and conditions worksheet.
  • Student loan cycle, capitalization and Interest accrual explained.
  • Student loan payoff planning and loan prioritization mapping worksheet.
  • Student loan payoff tracking worksheet.

This is workbook for you if:

  • You have made the decision to get out of student loan debt.
  • You have student loan debt that you want to pay off quickly.
  • Your payments don’t make a big impact on your student loan principal balance.
  • You are unsure about your student loan type.
  • You don’t know how capitalization, interest and your student loan cycle works.
  • You don’t know how deferment affects your loan balance and all the requirements for loan forgiveness.
  • You want to get student loans out of the way and pursue your goals of homeownership and investing more for your retirement.


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