OAS Scholarships for undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Development Caribbean Citizens

The Organization of American States (OAS) offers multiple scholarships for Caribbean students to pursue undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and other professional development studies at partner universities and educational organizations in the United States, Mexico, South America, Asia and the Middle East onsite and online.


To be eligible for the OAS scholarship opportunities, applicants must be:

  • Be admitted to the program of study at the partner university or educational organization.
  • Be a citizen and/or legal permanent resident of any OAS member state  (except the United States)
  • Have not received other scholarship from the OAS for the same level of studies and/or program of study.
  • Not be an OAS staff or individual or staff of a Permanent Mission to the OAS or immediate relatives of a staff of a Permanent Mission to the OAS.
  • Meet other requirements specific defined by each scholarship program, like the proficiency in the language of instruction.

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  Application Information & Due Dates:

The application information for the award opportunities is listed the OAS Scholarships webpage, HERE.

Each scholarship announcement includes:

  • Scholarship eligibility, admission requirements, & award details
  • Degree type
  • Major
  • Location (onsite or online)
  • Language of instruction
  • Application deadline
  • Educational Institution Information
  • Type of Scholarships

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There at least one scholarship opportunity due, every month of the year. Be sure to explore these OAS scholarship opportunities to fund your higher education, on the announcement page, HERE

Good luck!

~ Melisa Boutin