Make Sense of Your Caribbean Student Loan


80% of Caribbean students use a Caribbean student loan to pay for college

And in 2002 I was one of them…

I jumped at the chance to study in the U.S. and signed up for a student loan from my local Development Bank in St. Kitts & Nevis. I made a simple agreement: I would borrow money for school and pay it back after I graduated.

Or so I thought.

I would learn though, 8 years after I finished college, that an entire year of my student loan payments, almost to $4,000, went to interest only .

How could this happen?

Like any responsible borrower, I promptly started making repayments at the end of my loan’s post-graduation grace period and prioritized making payments, even while attending graduate school.

I turned to my lender to try to understand exactly why my payments only went to interest and received less than satisfying answers. It was then I resolved get rid of my remaining loan balance, by:

  • Making sense of how my student loan worked;
  • Paying attention to interest that accrued on my account;
  • Proactive communication with my lender;
  • Tracking and documenting all my loan transactions
  • Setting up my own pay-off plan;
  • Disputing errors on my account; and
  • Refinancing to save on interest.
The result?

Even after a $4,000 set back, I shaved $6,000 in payments off my student loan and paid it off 2 years early!

What you don’t know about your student loan can cost you big time!

Caribbean lenders operate in ways that leave you in the dark about your student loan.

Which leaves you:

  • Unclear about the financial obligation you agreed to
  • Paying unexplained extra fees and charges
  • Receiving irregular statements and at times none at all
  • Making payments on a balance that hardly moves
  • Frustrated by subpar customer service

… and adds up to extra costs for you, while your lender makes more money!

study in the US from the Caribbean since 2010*

pecent of students use a Caribbean student loan


simple steps
Student Loan Answers A 7 Step Guide To Understanding Your Caribbean Student Loan

Your lender has a plan for profit

Use the proven strategies, I share to avoid lender mishaps and slash the high interest cost of your Caribbean student loan

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Tasha Nicholas Aziz Praise for Student Loan Answers

Tasha Nicholas-Aziz

“This book is a blessing for first time borrowers seeking funds
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terms used by lenders, gives insights into the initial loan
sign up process and breaks down the loan life cycle into
different phases. You did an outstanding job, Melisa!”

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Cherryl Hanson Simpson

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Kimarah Isaac Praise for Student Loan Answers

Kimarah Isaac

“As a college adviser, I know the importance of parents and
students having these answers before they even consider
applying to college. This book is a particularly useful tool
for college planning.”

Bola Onada Sokunki

Bola Onada Sokunbi

“Melisa does an excellent job of breaking down the complexities of Caribbean student loans in a simple and easy to understand way for prospective college students looking to finance their education, as well as, for individuals who have already taken on the burden of student loan debt.”


Student Loan Answers ebook on tablet device

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  • Navigate the loan financing process
  • Understand interest accrual and capitalization
  • Communicate effectively with your lender
  • Track and document critical loan transactions
  • Create a solid plan to pay off your loan fast
  • Dispute and resolve lender errors
  • Explore consolidation, refinancing and debt settlement

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